Selected work

Crafting ceramic habitat for a handfish

(The Monthly, July 2018)

Snapshots from the abyss – Meet Australia’s creatures of the deep

(The Monthly, October 2017)

On the Brink – Can a last-ditch intervention save the orange-bellied parrot?

(Good Weekend Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 August 2017)

Nature 2.0 – Saving Australia’s smallest freshwater fish

(The Monthly, June 2017)

Selling the Farm

(Island, November 2016)

An Island Ark – A cat-detection team is doing important work on Dirk Hartog Island

(The Monthly, September 2016)

Rupture in Tasmania – Solastalgia and the impact of recent bushfires

(The Monthly, April 2016)

Every lizard counts – A day at Christmas Island’s Lizard Lodge

(The Monthly, February 2016)

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